In Memory of Ann Burridge

In Memory of Ann Burridge

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Both Southside Family Project and First Steps (Bath) would like to honour the legacy of Ann Burridge and her significant impact in our local communities. Ann sadly died in December 2021 at the age of 86.

Ann was one of the original teachers at Keynsham Grammar School and Wellsway County Secondary School when they opened in 1956, and was an Ofsted Inspector for many years and was President of the National Association of Inspectors and Schools Education.

She was central to the establishment of First Steps Nursery in Twerton in 1991, working with Penny McKissock and others in the local community, all committed to providing excellent childcare and family services for the local community. As a trustee until 2003, she played a key role in its development and is fondly remembered as being very hands on, always helping in the nursery and focusing on children and families.

Ann was a trustee of Southside for twenty years and brought with her a wealth of experience and knowledge about the education system. She was a dedicated trustee who was always calm, fun and “rolled her sleeves up”. Ann retired as a trustee in 2020, having supported Southside through two decades of growth and support for thousands of local families throughout Bath and North East Somerset.

Penny McKissock, Southside CEO, wrote “I have so many cherished memories of Ann that it’s hard to pick one. Ann’s wonderful sense of humour comes to mind, doing a computer course with her where we were the disruptive ‘girls’ and had to be separated. Most of all, I will remember Ann constantly reminding us of our purpose. Ann would put a photograph of a family on the meeting table and when we got bogged down in less important issues, she would point at the photograph and bring us back with “Just remember and never forget, THIS is why we’re here.” Ann will be greatly missed.”

Jill Oldham, Southside Chair, wrote:

“Ann was a wonderful trustee for Southside: knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about our charity’s work in the local area. Her interest in Southside did not wane after her retirement. Indeed, she relished my phone calls after each trustees’ meeting to update her on the current state of affairs and future plans.

Despite her rapidly deteriorating eyesight, Ann’s cheerfulness, positivity and sense of humour never left her. She truly was an inspiring person, and our local community is a poorer place without her.”