Play Hubs

Family Play Hubs are after-school groups for children and their parents supported by members of Southside & Bath Area Play Project staff. During these sessions parents are encouraged to play with their children and to observe them closely. This helps them develop the skills and confidence they need to become positive role models.

Holiday Groups

Southside runs intensive 3-day ‘holiday groups’ for children affected by trauma from, for example, domestic violence and abuse. These groups take place on consecutive days during the school holidays. Within these groups children are given the opportunity to express themselves, to be heard and to feel more in control of their lives.



Creative Art and Therapeutic Play

Southside’s after-school creative groups provide a regular, therapeutic space for primary school age children to be creative and playful. These groups provide a nurturing space for children who have experienced trauma at home and within the family.

Parent and Child Therapeutic Art

This group is led by a play therapist supported by members of school staff as well as a Southside family support worker. The group uses creative activities to facilitate a journey of self awareness and confidence in both the parents and the children involved. It seeks to help relationships not only within the family, but between family and school.