Why do we need your support?

Your support can directly help children and families across Bath and North East Somerset.

Southside receives some statutory grants from Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to provide essential services, but we need to raise over £200,000 every year through kind support from individuals, charitable trusts and foundations, local companies and community groups.

By supporting Southside, you are helping children, young people and adults facing multiple and complex difficulties to access the care and support that they need, so that their families can enjoy the safety, experiences and opportunities that they deserve.

Southside supports people affected by the trauma caused by loss, abuse, violence or neglect, which shatters and unravels the expectations of life that everyone should take for granted - to be safe, healthy, happy and have equal life chances. Please help us give them a brighter future.

Examples of how your donations can help:

  • £25 will fund food and refreshments for one Community Hub Group session
  • £50 will fund one night’s accommodation for someone fleeing domestic abuse
  • £100 will buy new toys and equipment for therapy groups for children affected by trauma
  • £250 will fund a training session for Family Champion volunteers
  • £375 will fund venue hire for one term of the Keynsham Community Hub Group
  • £1,000 will enable a volunteer with lived experience to undertake accredited training
  • £1,250 will fund the Domestic Abuse IAN (Information and Advice Navigator) service for one month