Ken Loach Speaks at Bath City FC

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“What crime could possibly justify starvation as a punishment?”

Award winning Director Ken Loach presented a screening of ‘I Daniel Blake’, his latest film, Thursday night at Bath City Football Club. The film maker, who has long been known as Bath City’s biggest fan, won the prestigious Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Loach has been passionately engaged in making cinema about social issues ever since the release of ‘Cathy Come Home’, the groundbreaking drama he made for the BBC in 1966, which focussed on issues around homelessness.

“Fifty years on, not only the housing situation has got worse,” said the director in the post-screening discussion, “…but many things have deteriorated in our working class communities, especially the idea that we should all be there for one another.”

Loach is one of the champions of Bath City’s move to community ownership, and his presentation of the film, which deals with an older man’s struggle to negotiate the complex benefits system, is the start of a whole new series of community initiatives that will be made by the club.

“We need to stand together as communities and to vote together for change, especially when confronted with things like unjustified benefits sanctions,” he said.

Referring to the newly imposed sanctions, which can freeze payments for something as simple as being late for a job-seeking appointment, he said, “What kind of crime could possibly justify starvation as a punishment?”

If you find yourself struggling with the benefits system, need help to tackle your debts or exploring returning to work and job opportunities give us a call on 01225 331243, we’re here to help.