Southside offers many kinds of support to families who live in Bath and North East Somerset.

"We feel better about looking after our children and the house looks really nice. Everybody says we've done really well"

Kayleigh & Darren


When you or your family is referred to our Family Support Service we will assess you and your family’s needs. Based on this we will start the process of helping and supporting your family to find ways forward.

Family SupportThe help that Southside can provide may take many forms.

There are various Hub Groups that provide a safe, nurturing space where difficulties can be discussed and dealt with amid the community. We can provide one-to-one Therapeutic Play groups that use art and play to help children - whether they need particular support with dealing with educational problems, anxiety and anger – or problems around domestic violence and abuse  or drug and alcohol misuse.

We can provide counselling services, one to one work with people trained to listen and help you work out the problems underlying the lives of yourselves or your family. Our Coaching service, meanwhile, can help your family set goals and look to the future. We also provide many volunteer programmes, which enable members of the community to help run our services.

Southside’s Family Support Services aim to provide ways to make things better for you and your family.