Coronavirus Update – 20/03/2020

Coronavirus Update – 20/03/2020

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We will be closing our office at Meade House from Friday 20th March at 4.30pm.


Stay Connected

Southside will continue to provide critical support for individuals and families throughout the corona virus outbreak. Our staff and volunteer team will be homeworking and face-to-face services will close with ‘phone support provided, and regular contact and connection to other support services for food and essential needs.


If you have any queries or want to speak to a worker, phone our landline on 01225 331243 where you will be given contact details for our Business Support Team who will be able to help you. Alternatively, email with your request and they will give you the information you need. During this period, we will be updating our Twitter (@SouthsideBanes) and Instagram (@southsidefamilyproject) accounts as often as possible to keep you informed.


Keep Safe and Well

  • Follow the Government advice about symptoms, persistent cough and fever, and if you have them to self-isolate for 14 days
  • Follow advice about social distancing
  • Look after your general health and well being
  • Keep busy with things that help you relax
  • Check in with people you feel comfortable and at ease