Against the Odds

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Congratulations to the Southside staff and volunteers who were presented with their ’Working with Children, Individuals and Families with Complex Needs’ Level 4 certificates by Michael Eavis at our special ‘Against the Odds’ event at St John’s Foundation on Thursday 21st November:


Jane Bush

Matilda Lindars

Charlotte Miles

Michelle Morrissey

Roz Nash

Pat Oakley

Alice Rosser

Jane Stafford

Hayley Wallace

Sharon Wiseman

and to Paul Spreadbury from Connecting Families who undertook the training with our team and received a commendation, along with Jane B, Roz, Pat and Jane S.


They all rose to the challenge of the training and project work and enjoyed learning together with great support from the trainer, Clare Joyce of Interface. Feedback included:


“I have always thought I am always learning, and this has just given me more quality of learning and knowledge to know that I work with families in what is seen as good practice and learning and to achieve those outcomes with families.”


“In some ways, most of what I have learnt hasn’t been new. It is what we are already doing at Southside, which has been affirming. I will take that confidence and self-belief in myself and Southside as an organisation into my practice. It was really helpful to have more insight and understanding of the baby and teenage brain and this, as well as the other things I have learnt, will definitely prepare me more for planning with and talking to families and their children.”


“My confidence in my practice has grown immensely since the beginning of training, and now I have even more knowledge in different subjects which in turn will help my confidence to grow even more during future practice. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have been offered the chance to take part in the training.”


Our ‘Against the Odds’ event was a great opportunity to celebrate their achievements with supporters and partners of Southside. We were also honoured to hear from our guest speakers, Sophie Humphreys OBE and Sir Alan Wood. Ken Loach sent a video message as he was unable to join us but kindly supported Southside that weekend with a special screening of ‘Sorry We Missed You’ at Bath City FC.


Thanks to Kai Fletcher for hosting the event and keeping us all on time. Kai founded Southside’s Young Advocates programme and was the 2017 Heart of Bath Hero and Heart of Bath Young Person of the Year.


We are looking forward to the next group of Southside students starting the course in 2020, thanks to support from St John’s Foundation. We are very grateful to David Hobdey, Louise Harvey and everyone at St John’s for all their support of Southside and enabling us to hold this special event in the Chapel of St Michael Within.